Quality improvement

Learn how to apply quality and healthcare improvement methods to affect sustainable change.



The following facilitated virtual courses, online courses, videos and academic works will assist you to develop resilience, communication, and customer service skills.

 (QHEPS) links can only be accessed from a QH-networked computer.

Online courses

Improvement Science

This online learning course provides you with the fundamental knowledge on how improvement science is used in the workplace to introduce sustainable, long term changes that result in improved care and outcomes for patients.

Audience: Queensland Health

Blended courses

The following courses are blended, consisting of an eLearning module and a face-to-face module.

Improvement Science

This course aims to provide you with practical skills to use in your workplace to introduce sustainable, long term changes that result in improved care and outcomes for patients.

Audience: Queensland Health

Facilitated virtual courses

Co-Design (CD)

This course explores what co-design is and how co-design can be used to assist in developing solutions for problems within healthcare.

Audience: Queensland Health


This course aims to create a greater understanding of the principles utilised in good design.

Audience: Queensland Health


This course explores using simulation within an improvement cycle to improve the quality of patient care.

Audience: Queensland Health

Design Thinking for Healthcare

This course explores how design thinking can bring value to healthcare and develop the skills to start experimenting with a design-led approach.

Audience: Queensland Health

Introduction to Human Factors Science for healthcare professionals

In this course you will learn about the introductions to systems analysis, analysis of adverse events, sociotechnical systems design, and state-of-the-art systems-based risk assessment methods.

It also develops familiarity with systems thinking and ergonomics and its applications to healthcare.

Audience: Queensland Health

Leading Innovation

The Innovation Workshop has been designed to assist HHS participants in achieving the successful co-design and implementation of improvement initiatives.

The workshop includes design thinking and improvement methodologies and aims to empower participants to initiate improvement.

Audience: Metro North Health

Solutions Thinking

The Solution Thinking Workshop explores the benefits of drawing on creative thinking approaches to solve problems, break patterns and challenge traditional ways of thinking.

Audience: Metro North Health

Quality and Healthcare Improvement

This course explores quality and healthcare improvement methodologies. It includes problem identification, measuring for improvement, and the components of the Plan, Do, Study, Act cycle.

Audience: Metro North Health

Personality, high performing teams and team culture

Understand different personality types and how they interact in a team environment, the role of a leader in building a high performing team and improving team culture.

Audience: Metro North Health

Cultural Improvement Program

This course provides guidance on the ten key questions that need to be addressed when developing a Culture Improvement Plan. Program participants are taken through an action planning template with practical examples (scenarios) of responses that support the implementation of culture improvement initiatives.

This program assists healthcare staff to respond to the Working for Queensland Survey, other staff surveys and Patient Safety Survey results.

Audience: Metro North Health

Workload, email and meeting management

This course is designed to help people get their workload, emails and meetings back under control, running efficiently, and greatly reduce their stress in the process. This session explores ways participants can look at their workload and time spent on email and meetings – some of the most time-consuming aspects of our roles.

Audience: Metro North Health

Maximising project outcomes

This course supports delivering projects in various healthcare settings, provides skills to deliver high-quality project outcomes. This highly interactive program provides the opportunity to apply the fundamentals of project management as you learn, covering project management fundamentals, change and stakeholder management and project evaluations. This program links closely to a project framework contextualised to allow delivery of projects within our complex healthcare system.

Audience: Metro North Health

Leading change through projects - a practical approach  (QHEPS)

This course has been developed with an aim to enhance your skills in identifying, planning and delivering service improvement initiatives through a value-based healthcare lens. This workshop emphasises the importance of change management within a project and will assist you throughout the entire process.

Audience: Metro North Health


Safety differently - Innovative and critical safety thinking

Safety Differently Book Club includes videos and podcasts that promote innovative ideas about safety.

Lecture 1 - Safety differently by: Professor Sidney Dekker

In this lecture, Prof Dekker explains how organizations can get rid of performance drag and improve their safety.

Lecture 2 - Safety differently by: Professor Sidney Dekker

In this lecture, Prof Dekker explains how organizations can get rid of performance drag and improve their safety.

Guides and other tools

From Safety-I to Safety-II: A White Paper

A Safety-II approach assumes that everyday performance variability provides the adaptations that are needed to respond to varying conditions, and hence is the reason why things go right.

Resilient health care: turning patient safety on its head

This article describes how Safety I approach to safety, is predicated on a 'find and fix' model. It identifies things going wrong, after the event, and aims to stamp them out, in order to ensure that the number of errors is as low as possible.

Queensland Clinical Guidelines (QCG)

Queensland Clinical Guidelines (QCG) develop evidence informed clinical guidelines and associated resources primarily about maternity and neonatal care.


Five Things Nursing

This a podcast produced by, for and with the amazing nurses and health professionals of the Royal Brisbane & Women’s Hospital community. Our purpose is to inspire, educate and connect our local and global healthcare community as we collectively move from surviving to thriving in our personal and professional lives.


“Simulcast” is a podcast aimed at the ongoing growth and development of healthcare simulation practice. Subject matter includes quality improvement methodology, healthcare design and evaluation, education, translational simulation, debriefing, faculty development and a whole host of other areas.

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