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Safety and Quality Education Program

With a focus on patient safety improvement, Metro North Health and Clinical Governance Safety, Quality and Risk (CGSQR) together with the Clinical Skills Development Service (CSDS) have established the new Safety and Quality Education Program (SQEP). SQEP has been developed through in-depth consultation with the Metro North Safety and Quality Community of Practice, and has been informed by an Independent Governance Review.

SQEP provides a centralised location to access safety and quality education and resources including accreditation and the National Clinical Standards.

Offering online and virtual courses on topics including:

  • Risk management
  • Clinical incident management
  • Communication
  • Quality improvement
  • Accreditation
  • National standards

SQEPs continued growth will provide new features with the development of future multimedia resources for accreditation and important patient stories.

CGSQR and CSDS appreciate the complexities that healthcare professionals are faced with as they traverse the clinical environment. Each year the Australian public hospital system faces an estimated 8,054 surgical complications, requiring a return to theatre. These adverse events cost the healthcare system billions and severely impact patients’ lives. SQEP has been developed as a tool for Queensland Health to support the improvement of safety and quality processes by simplifying access to key information, filling identified training gaps, and offering a suite of resources.

Our mission: The right care, in the right place, at the right time.

SQEP's mission is to enhance the Safety and Quality culture in the clinical environment. Providing clinicians with the opportunity to improve safety and quality knowledge and skills by delivering easily accessible training, education, and resources.

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