Clinical Skills Development Service

Merry Christmas and a Happy 2023

The CSDS team would like to share our gratitude for the people who made our successes possible and the challenges easier to face.

Virtual reality clinical education trial

How can virtual reality (VR) be integrated into clinical education to boost learning outcomes for clinicians? This is a question we are exploring through a new collaborative trial of virtual reality in clinical education. A joint endeavour...

We’ve launched MEP!

We are excited to introduce Maternity Education Program (MEP), our latest initiative here at CSDS. MEP is a new approach in the design and delivery of training and education for multidisciplinary clinical teams working in all models of maternity...

CSDS Staff Spotlight – Product Designers

Rebecca Launder (Product Designer) and Raden Sucalit (Product Designer). Our team creates digital healthcare products such as websites, apps, and educational tools/resources.

#SIMinar 4, Simulation-based Research

Day 4 of Healthcare Simulation week has not disappointed, with a brilliant presentation from our Research team, Dr Mia McLanders (Human Factors Research & Evaluation Lead, CSDS), Dr Chiara Santomauro, and Kirsty Beattie...

Lamp shining a spotlight on text that reads, staff spotlight

CSDS Staff Spotlight – Online Learning Team

Katja Grixti (Online Learning Team Lead), Stephen Francis (Online Learning Developer), Richard Campbell (Online Learning Developer). Our focus is on the learner and how we can create the most user-friendly experience so that they can best consume...