Clinical Skills Development Service

Inspiring future healthcare professionals

The Queensland healthcare industry is brimming with exciting opportunities. To help students explore these possibilities, the #GoHealth Careers Expo, held on June 13th at the Royal International Convention Centre, provided a valuable platform.

This collaborative effort between Queensland Health, the Health Gateway to Industry Schools Program, and various healthcare organisations across Queensland offered a glimpse into the diverse career paths available.

Vincent Lee, CSDS Simulation Coordinator

The CSDS team played a vital role at the event, proudly supporting three booths: Metro North Health, the Office of the Chief Midwife Officer, and the Office of the Chief Nurse Officer.

The CSDS team brought the world of healthcare to life for attendees by creating a range of immersive simulations, from delivering simulation babies to managing mock trauma injuries. For many participants, suiting up in a surgical gown and navigating these scenarios proved to be a major highlight.

The CSDS team’s dedication extended beyond the immersive simulations. They actively served as career ambassadors for the healthcare field. Throughout the expo, the team engaged with hundreds of students, fostering an open dialogue. Students gained valuable insights into healthcare careers by not only asking questions but also learning from the CSDS team’s personal journeys within the field.

Leanne Robinson, Clinical Nurse – Simulation Coordinator CSDS

I’m so grateful to have been given the opportunity to showcase what we do as both nurses and educators. Engaging with our up-and-coming workforce and giving them insight into our world as clinicians was well-received throughout the day. It was fantastic to see them step in and have a go! There was great interest in several areas, with highlights being the simulated ultrasound OBGYN and the SimBaby, where students got hands-on experience with listening to heart and lung sounds. They all enjoyed hearing about how we use these tools to educate and learn clinical skills that we can take back to the workplace. It was a fantastic day and I enjoyed being a part of it!

Leanne Robinson, Clinical Nurse – Simulation Coordinator CSDS
Adam Trebilco, Nurse Educator – Simulation CSDS

I was amazed at how the kids already know exactly what they want to do and their knowledge of possibilities within health. Their eagerness to jump right in and deliver a simulation baby was incredible!

Adam Trebilco, Nurse Educator – Simulation

The students’ enthusiasm and curiosity at the expo were truly inspiring. Events like these are crucial for fostering the next generation of healthcare professionals, and the CSDS team is proud to have played a role in sparking their interest.