Clinical Skills Development Service


We generate new knowledge to inform our services and improve patient safety.

We collaborate to conduct world-class research

Our researchers conduct high-quality research projects in collaboration with a wide range of university and industry partners, as well as clinical experts. This includes investigating the human factors, cognitive and perceptual aspects of clinical tasks, procedures, equipment and simulations; and the efficacy of clinical skills training interventions.

Generating new knowledge

Each research project generates new knowledge that can be used to improve the quality of the training that we offer, and to improve patient safety.

Sharing research findings

Knowledge sharing is core to what we do. We publish our research findings in peer-reviewed journal articles with open access whenever possible.

Specialised skills and knowledge

Our researchers have specialised skills and knowledge in:

  • experimental design
  • quantitative research methodologies and statistics
  • applied cognitive psychology and human factors (including the application of human factors knowledge and methods to the design of cognitive artifacts, such as clinical tools, to improve usability)
  • the development and validation of tests/measures for evaluating psychomotor, cognitive and perceptual skills
  • experimental evaluation/validation of technologies, tools, and interventions designed to improve psychomotor, cognitive and perceptual skills.