Harvey Cardiopulmonary Patient Simulator

$2,816.00 per day
Free of charge for CSDS Pocket Centres
Harvey Cardiopulmonary Patient Simulator


Harvey is a cardiopulmonary patient simulator. This manikin realistically simulates cardiac disease at the touch of a button by varying blood pressure, pulses, and heart sounds and murmurs. The simulator provides a comprehensive cardiology curriculum by simulating 30 conditions. It is structured to begin with common, less complex conditions, and progress to more rare and complex disease conditions. Findings include blood pressure, venous, arterial, and precordial impulses, auscultation in multiple areas that varies with respiration when appropriate, and breath sounds. Supplementing each disorder is an extensive slide set that provides a description of each disease while reviewing haemodynamic data and electrocardiographic, echocardiographic, radiographic, and pathologic images.

Only available to Pocket Centre staff
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