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Systems and Safety Improvement (S2i) is a revitalised approach to quality improvement in healthcare


Existing processes and tools are not enough when it comes to managing safety and quality in healthcare

Traditional thinking views the individual as the problem

Misplaced and heavy focus on the few things that go wrong

Reactive approach to eliminating causes of incidents

Emerging evidence indicates that managing safety and quality in healthcare can be better

Systems and Safety Improvement is a methodology that combines traditional quality improvement tools with principles from Improvement Science.

Engage all stakeholders to create a shared understanding of actual problems.

Adopt a safety culture that ensures we focus on the things that go right.

Develop sustainable solutions to improve patient safety outcomes.

How does S2I work?

We coordinate with your workplace to engage Improvers - they can be anyone passionate about safety and quality improvement.

We will support you with workshops to teach you the principles and the framework on how to run your own improvement cycles.

We will provide an online portal where you can connect with other Improvers to discuss and share best practices.

We will provide the resources you may need to sustain system and safety improvement in your work unit, hospital and across your facilities.

We are trialling this methodology across four different hospitals in Queensland

The Systems and Safety Improvement (S2i) methodology represents a revitalised vision for how safety and quality must be pursued in every hospital. It aligns with the best evidence tailored to what is needed. It also incorporates modern tools, methods and ways of thinking about systems and improvement. It is hoped that the methodology will lead Improvers to apply familiar methods in completely new ways.