Trauma Teams

Trauma teams may vary in composition but rely on a shared mental model for effective patient care. Often in the ED environment, a trauma team is comprised of multidisciplinary clinicians of varying expertise who may or may not be familiar with the clinical strengths and capabilities of each team member. It is essential therefore, that the team leader has the skills and strategies for effective communication, to create a shared mental model and outline the aims in the management of each trauma patient.

Trauma team training is focused on the development of these skills, to empower team leadership and team membership to work as a unit, often by the use of simulation scenarios. It is a powerful training opportunity to allow all members of the multidisciplinary team to gain a deeper understanding of medical expertise, but also focus on effective means of communication within a complex team structure.

Training resource kits

Each kit is a collection of tools and resources to guide the effective delivery of a trauma education event. The kits are designed for use in any Queensland Health facility and can be modified by the facilitator to the needs of the learner, as well as the environment in which the education is being delivered.

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Other resources

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