Trauma in Pregnancy

Trauma and resultant physical injury occur in up to 8% of all pregnancies and is the highest risk for non-obstetric mortality in pregnant patients (Huls, Detlefs 2018). This is commonly from traffic related injury and domestic and family violence related assault.

In the pregnant patient there are specific considerations that must be incorporated into both clinical assessment and management for best outcomes for both the patient and fetal well-being. These are related to the changes in physiology and anatomy during pregnancy, consideration around radiation exposure and monitoring for fetal and obstetric complications following the traumatic event (Queensland Health 2019).

Training resource kits

Each kit is a collection of tools and resources to guide the effective delivery of a trauma education event. The kits are designed for use in any Queensland Health facility and can be modified by the facilitator to the needs of the learner, as well as the environment in which the education is being delivered.

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Clinical guidelines

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Other resources

Other resources and tools on the topic of trauma in pregnancy.