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Paediatric Trauma Course

DFTB’s Paediatric Trauma course covers key topics in major trauma presentations in children. They have put together a programme covering key paediatric major trauma presentations and delivered by expert faculty.

Paediatric Trauma Course

Chest Trauma – Queensland Aeromedical Standard Operating Procedures

The aim is to provide a standardised and streamlined approach to aeromedical retrieval in QLD that integrates with other QLD resources including Children’s Resuscitation Emergency Drug Dosage (CREDD), Queensland Ambulance Service (QAS), Statewide Trauma Clinical Network (STCN) and Queensland Health Procedures and Guidelines.

Chest Trauma Clinical guideline

Paediatric Trauma Guidelines

Guidelines from the Queensland Children’s Hospital, the only dedicated Major Trauma Centre (MTC) in Queensland treating paediatric patients.

Paediatric Trauma Clinical guideline

Trauma team roles and responsibilities

This clinical business rule outlines the roles and responsibilities required of each member of the trauma team and includes the trauma team activation and response criteria.

Trauma Teams Clinical resource

Other/Clinical Handover

This clinical practice procedure provides an overview of pre-hospital clinical handover including the use of mnemonic IMIST – AMBO to assist the delivery of a clear, concise handover.

Trauma Teams Clinical guideline

ED COVID Trauma/Resus teams

This infographic demonstrates the COVID adjusted Trauma/Resus team composition and logistics to successfully manage a trauma patient whilst adhering to COVID precautions.

Trauma Teams Clinical resource

Trauma team structure

This resource outlines the trauma team structure including key roles and responsibilities within the trauma team, positioning of team members and the key attributes of highly functional trauma teams.

Trauma Teams Clinical resource

Paediatric Neuroprotection Checklist

A checklist adapted from QCH PICU “Standard Approach for TBI”.

Paediatric Trauma Assessment tool

Intercostal catheter insertion and management

The procedural skill of intercostal catheter (ICC) insertion to manage thoracic injuries resulting from trauma requires critical steps for successful ICC placement.

Chest Trauma Video

Pelvic binder placement and positioning

This video demonstrates the correct placement and positioning of various pelvic binders utilised across Queensland.

Pelvic Trauma Video

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