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Staff Spotlight – Education and Training Administration Team

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As part of our #HcSimWeek21 celebration, we interviewed Wendy Nguyen, Grace Simpson and Amelia Arama from our Education and Training Administration Team. This interview has been lightly edited for length and clarity.

(L-R) Grace Simpson – Course Coordinator, Wendy Nguyen – Team Leader, and Amelia Arama – Administration Officer

What does your team do?

The Education and Training Administration Team schedules and organises the administrative component of courses delivered by CSDS. We are involved in the development, implementation, and evaluation phases of course delivery.  

We have close working relationships with the simulation team and various healthcare professionals who facilitate simulation-based education, training and support offered at CSDS.  

We provide administrative support for each course, such as organising catering, preparing facilitator resources, and arranging external faculty training pathways.  

We are also the first team you see when you arrive at CSDS, ensuring we set the ‘scene’ for visitors and participants for an enjoyable experience at the centre. 

What does a typical day look like for your team?

  • Opening and closing the centre each day. 
  • Registration set up for courses. 
  • Greeting participants and visitors throughout the day, directing them to who or where they need to go. 
  • Supporting faculty and participants throughout the day. 
  • Checking catering deliveries and tidying up after breaks to upkeep cleanliness throughout the centre. 
  • Ensuring faculty have all required administration resources for course delivery. 
  • Respond and action various emails, such as – approving course registrations, sending certificates, directing participants on how to make payment, assisting participants with course pre-requisites.  
  • Answering the main reception phone line, and ensure calls are directed accordingly. 

What are your interests outside of work?

We all enjoy spending time with our friends and family in our free time. Wendy has a candle business as a side-hustle; Grace likes cooking and spending her time on outdoor activities; Amelia likes going to see all the latest blockbuster movies at the cinemas.

What is something that people might not know about CSDS?

We have a whole suite of incredible online courses available for free, which a lot of people aren’t aware of. You don’t even have to be a Queensland Health employee to access them – some universities refer our online courses for students to access as part of their curriculum.  

Some of our face-to-face courses are also in collaboration with international universities and training organisations. 

What is your favourite things about working at CSDS?

It’s a great place to work and the staff here are so lovely. No two days are the same, whether we are busy scheduling extra courses; cancelling or rescheduling courses due to COVID – there is always a new challenge. 

Knowing we are doing our part to improve patient care – even if that part is as small as a phone call to a clinician waiting to get onto a course, hearing how happy we have made their day, is rewarding enough for us to keep coming back to do what we do.