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Staff Spotlight – Audio Visual Team

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As part of our #HcSimWeek21 celebration, we interviewed James Bishop and Peter Mills from our Audio Visual Team. This interview has been lightly edited for length and clarity.

(L-R) Peter Mills, James Bishop, and Leanne Raatz, Nursing Director at South West Hospital and Health Service, during a recent AV installation in Roma, Queensland.

Who is on your team?

  • James Bishop – Senior Audio Visual Technician
  • Peter Mills – Audio Visual Technician
  • Paul Ceron – Audio Visual Technician

What does your team do?

Our day-to-day tasks include looking after the audio-visual systems, upgrading and installing all scenario and meeting room systems, and providing technical support to events and meetings. We also provide installation and consultancy services to our Pocket Centre Network. We also actively work with other technical services across the Herston Campus and the rest of Metro North Health.

There are always new projects taking place within CSDS. Some stretch the boundaries of our skill-set and others allow us to become more creative and try different things.

How does your team fit in CSDS?

We see our team’s role as very similar to how CSDS supports healthcare professionals across the state. Like CSDS, we provide the necessary AV support so that our simulation educators can create clinical simulation environments efficiently and effectively.

What do you say to aspiring audio visual technicians?

You need to have a technical mindset and be able to continuously evolve alongside technology changes to be involved in this kind of work. You also need a clear focus when it comes to troubleshooting issues. Most importantly, you need to be able to communicate issues well and clear to those who may be non-technical.