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Introducing Queensland Trauma Education

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We’re pleased to introduce Queensland Trauma Education (QTE)

QTE provides a central and searchable location of education resources for clinicians who care for the injured. Developed in collaboration with the Queensland Health Statewide Trauma Clinical NetworkJamieson Trauma Institute, and Clinical Excellence Queensland, you’ll find:

  • ready-made training resource kits for immersive scenarios, case discussions, procedural skills, and role plays
  • links to relevant clinical guidelines and training courses
  • other clinical resources including videos, decision-making tools, flowcharts, and more.

To support all trauma care providers across Queensland, QTE training resource kits are designed to be adaptable to your local:

  • learning needs and improvement goals
  • disciplines and working environments
  • training schedules and budgets.

Currently on the QTE website, you’ll find resources on the topics of Abdominal Trauma, Chest Trauma, Trauma in Pregnancy, and Traumatic Brain Injury, with more coming soon.


Traumatic events are a common cause for hospital presentations in Australia with 12,000 deaths per year attributable to injuries sustained as a result. Falls and transport related trauma constitute common presentations to hospital for acute care. In addition to mechanism, injury sustained in the rural and remote areas will significantly affect the resultant morbidity and mortality, with these patients having the highest rates of negative outcomes (Australian Institute of Health and Welfare 2019)

Following broad consultation with Queensland Health stakeholders, the need for a structured educational platform to help build a skilled and sustainable trauma care workforce across the state became apparent. The common approach of ‘one-size-fits-all’ trauma training and education programs is not an effective approach across the Queensland Hospital and Health Services (HHS) as each have unique requirements to be able to provide high level trauma care.

Goals of QTE

The overarching goal of QTE is to provide structured, relevant, and best practice care education that supports trauma care providers across Queensland to be skilled and responsive to the needs of injured patients.

We recognise the many challenges in providing high quality and sustainable education for all trauma clinicians across Queensland. QTE isn’t designed to replace existing trauma education but rather complement and fill gaps that currently exist.

The education resources are multidisciplinary, modular, and accessible to clinicians across all of Queensland including tertiary, regional, rural, and remote care providers.

The development approach of the QTE team is to provide clinicians with broad ranging educational resources reflecting all stages of the trauma patient journey from pre-hospital, emergency department, and ward-based care, through to rehabilitation.