Clinical Skills Development Service

Ending 2023 with Kindness, Agility, Tenacity and Empowerment

On the 15th of December, Metro North Health celebrated the extraordinary achievements and dedication of its staff, either individually, in teams, or through partnerships. This year, 180 nominations across ten categories were submitted.

We are thrilled to share that our own Kate Britton won this year’s Leadership Award! Kate’s exceptional leadership, characterised by her unwavering dedication to collaboration, trust, and recognition, has been instrumental in securing numerous successful funding grants.

The qualities of Kindness, Agility, Tenacity, and Empowerment truly embody Kate’s leadership style, as rightly highlighted in her nomination.

Kate Britton accepts the Leadership Award. Brisbane Convention Centre, 15 Dec 2023. (Photo/Josh Drew)

In addition to Kate’s remarkable achievement, we would also like to celebrate the success of three of our projects that were finalists on the night:

It’s inspiring to see that since 2020, we’ve been finalists 14 times, winning 7 of these awards! This is a testament to our collective hard work and dedication. These accomplishments are not just individual successes but a reflection of our strong, collaborative spirit and commitment to excellence.

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