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Cleaning simulation equipment during COVID-19

Simulation manikin

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to evolve, we are receiving numerous questions surrounding the appropriate cleaning of simulation equipment. At the bottom of this post are two links that Laerdal have provided regarding their recommended cleaning guidelines.

Here at CSDS we are continuing to use a citrus based spray cleaner in line with manufacturer recommendations, and Laerdal manikin wipes which contain 70% ethyl alcohol to clean manikin faces if required. Products such as ‘De-solv-it’ are also safe and effective for removing sticky residue from tapes and dressings.

Please avoid using any other cleaning products, as these may denature the condition of the training equipment. If a different product must be used, it is best to test a small patch on the back of a manikin neck, or the bottom of a foot before proceeding with the clean.

To minimise the risk of contracting or spreading the virus please ensure all pieces of equipment are thoroughly cleaned before and after use, and prior to shipping equipment to other areas of the Pocket Centre Network. Please note that all equipment is being cleaned upon its return to our centre, and again before being dispatched to you.

Whilst every care is being taken to keep equipment clean and safe for use, it is important to note that some cleaning products may be anti-bacterial but are not anti-viral. Frequent hand hygiene and social distancing practices are still essential during all training, and after touching simulation and training equipment.

Laerdal cleaning and hygiene information

Example cleaning products

Simulation cleaning examples

Disclaimer: CSDS does not endorse any particular cleaning brand, products/images listed are examples only that fit the hygiene criteria.