Clinical Skills Development Service

Tracheostomy and Speech Pathology (TASP)

The Department of Health, Queensland has been running the Tracheostomy and Speech Pathology (TASP) simulation workshop since 2011.

(Ward et al., Can human mannequin-based simulation provide a feasible and clinically acceptable method for training tracheostomy management skills for Speech-Language Pathologists. (2014). American Journal of Speech-Language Pathology, 23, 421-36.)

The workshop has received extremely positive feedback regarding the realism of the simulation, the effectiveness of simulation as a training method in this clinical area, and the increased participant confidence in this area following attendance at this workshop.

The TASP workshop provides an ideal opportunity for speech pathologists seeking to develop evidence based skills and knowledge in managing the adult patient with a tracheostomy. It is also a useful tool to complement individual facility tracheostomy competency programs.

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