Clinical Skills Development Service

STARS 2020

Full steam ahead for STARS

CSDS is proud to announce that we are joining the Surgical Treatment and Rehabilitation Service (STARS) team, along with Digital Metro North (DMN), to create a combined service approach in developing a comprehensive integrated training program for the future staff of STARS.

The new STARS facility based at the Herston Health Precinct is very close to completion. In just a short time, this greenfield hospital is due to open its doors to new staff and patients. The hospital will be the first of its kind in Metro North Hospital and Health Service (MNHHS) with a fully digital approach through integrated electronic medical records (ieMR) and delivering models of care with a focus on value-based healthcare. 

 “The success of STARS will have a rippling effect on other facilities as the transfer and introduction of new services at STARS opens the capacity and opportunity for other facilities in the future.”

– Debbie McNamara, Executive Director, STARS

As the STARS project team prepares for operational readiness, the planning for onboarding and training of the workforce is ramping up. This is a mammoth task but through the combined efforts of CSDS, DMN and STARS, we are preparing the workforce by providing comprehensive educational programs and resources.  

Integrated approach

CSDS and DMN offer a wide range of expertise and knowledge in education, simulation, systems and process testing, digital health, innovation and technical support. Implementing the integrated approach, these teams will develop comprehensive training which includes the onboarding program, clinical simulation education, digital education, systems and workflow testing, and purpose-built online and face-to-face education.  

One team, one dream

We held the first ideation planning session at the CSDS Innovation Hub last week. Through tabletop, walkthrough and fully immersive scenarios we will investigate flaws in the system, known as latent safety threats. CSDS has a history of working on such projects and the STARS team also includes clinical and non-clinical staff with similar expertise.  

This type of testing has been successfully incorporated into the evaluation process to identify latent safety threats prior to patient exposure and promote preparedness, easing the transition into newly built facilities. This is the first step in the plan to run many scenarios that will inform improvements in environment, design and education for the staff. 

Thinking differently

We are thinking differently about supporting the new staff coming to the hospital by combining traditional and new ways of delivering education and the training. Appreciating the impact of cognitive load on the learners and understanding the importance of information retention rates in this new environment is essential.  

CSDS is excited at the prospect of being part of such a knowledgeable and experienced team, and creating a long-lasting legacy. Things are moving quickly and we are looking forward to building robust working relationships with our colleagues in DMN and STARS; ultimately creating an engaging, comprehensive user-focused journey for all new staff.   

Watch this blog for more updates.