Clinical Skills Development Service

Celebrating the new Simulation Education Program

Great learning happens when the right foundations are in place

CSDS is committed to healthcare improvement and providing these foundations for our healthcare community through education, training, collaboration and innovation.

We’re thrilled to announce we’ve finished the review of our new and improved suite of simulation courses. The courses haven’t just gone through a tick-and-flick exercise with a name change. As a team, we spent time reflecting on how we have delivered training at CSDS and our own personal learning journeys in simulation. We also reached out to experts across the Pocket Centre Network to draw on the collective experience and knowledge of delivering simulation to reimagine our current courses and work to co-design more engaging learning experiences.

The new and improved Simulation Education Program consists of three courses:

Technical Simulation Training (TST, previously SPC)

TST is your licence to Sim Co and will provide everything you need to know to set up and run a simulation including creating fidelity and immersion, choosing the best resources, creating moulage, setting up AV and operating a manikin.

Fundamentals of Debriefing (FOD, previously FDC)

You spoke, we listened. FOD is the bigger, better version of FDC, where too much debriefing is never enough. We’ve crafted more activities and opportunities for you to practice debriefing across a variety of forums with coaching from our experienced facilitators. We’ve also created debriefing resources in online learning to help you continue to improve your techniques on return to your workplace.

Simulation Education Event Design (SEED)

Ever wondered why you deliver the training you do, the way you do, to the people you do? SEED provides the groundwork for how learning experiences are designed. Learn how to do a detailed training needs analysis, write an immersive scenario, then run it, review it and implement it!

Your simulation journey

Each course in the Simulation Education Program provides people at all stages of their simulation journeys with valuable learning experiences. Designed so you can adapt and contextualise your learning to the culture and needs of your workplace – no matter if you’re working rurally delivering sim in-situ on a shoestring, or in a dedicated metro training facility with all the latest tech and Sim Cos for days. 

We’ve ditched the “death By PowerPoint” and moved the sometimes-boring-but-important underpinning knowledge into an online learning suite of modules where you choose your own adventure. Online learning gives you the freedom and flexibility to learn how, when and what you need to.  Already an expert in moulage and AV? Skip those sections and move onto reading about what you need to know.

While the online learning is not prerequisite to attending the workshops, it will add significant value to your learning experience on the day. We’ve spent time curating articles and developing resources and templates as takeaways that will add extra tools to your simulation toolkit. 

Our Simulation Education Program incorporates the best of our skills at CSDS in learning design, innovation and technology. We’re planning to build more courses in advanced and specialty areas in the future and are always looking for opportunities to foster a culture of continuous learning across our Pocket Centre Network.

Thank you to everyone who was involved in the review process and gave us honest and constructive feedback! We’d love to hear what you think of the new courses and please get in touch if there are any opportunities where we can connect people and purpose to deliver better learning experiences.

To see a full list of courses available, visit our courses page.