Clinical Skills Development Service

Serious games entry

We entered our Advanced Life Support branching scenario into the 2013 Simulation Australia Serious Games Showcase & Challenge (SGS&C).

Video transcript:

Early identification of the deterioration of patients saves lives and better performance of ALS means more people live. Clinicians need to gain appropriate access to ALS training to achieve best practice at emergency response skills. So how do we get the latest Advanced Life Support information to clinicians in the workplace?

The Clinical Skills Development Service has a solution. We have developed a highly effective, accessible and engaging blended learning program.

This program delivers high quality online learning including animations, illustrations, videos, interactions, and serious game elements.

The serious game elements include immersive branching scenarios. Branching scenarios are a key contributor to the success of this program. They allow learners to make decisions based on their existing knowledge and receive immediate feedback on those decisions. The learner is provided with a safe and accessible learning environment providing them with the ability to practice their skills, as many times as they like, at a time that suits their work schedule and their location.

Blended learning is the best approach for ALS training. It provides the combination of both theory and practical skills. The serious games component sets the learner up for success, providing them with the essential theory derived directly from nationally recognised guidelines. The learner is then supported by follow up face to face simulation training. This training provides an opportunity to participate in realistic scenarios to practice the application of their skills, supported by their peers and mentors.

This support continues through the assessment process, where clinicians are provided with ongoing debriefing about clinical skill development.

At the end of the program, clinicians have more than just the latest skills and knowledge. They have confidence, the confidence to go and save lives.