Clinical Skills Development Service

St. Rita’s College and Bray Park State High School visit CSDS

On the 4th of October, students from St. Rita’s College and Bray Park State High School visited CSDS. The visit was an immersive experience and offered an opportunity to bridge theoretical knowledge with real-world applications through hands-on activities and skill stations.

The visit commenced with a brief, but informative tour of the centre which set the stage for an engaging day of learning. The CSDS team took the students through 3 skill stations: CPR, laparoscopic devices and birthing manikin.

CPR class

The CPR class was an eye-opener in connecting physics and chemistry to life-saving techniques. Students delved into the complexity of generating sufficient pressure to facilitate blood circulation within the human system. They also gained insights into the role of pharmaceuticals in aiding this vital process.

Laparoscopic devices

The session showcased the significance of different optical lenses, comparing the perspectives offered by 0-degree and 30-degree scopes. This hands-on experience offered a tangible understanding of how technology enhances surgical procedures.

Birthing manikin

A birthing manikin showcased a natural delivery which allowed students to grasp the intricacies of childbirth. Additionally, virtual 3D models were used to showcase potential birthing complications, further deepening the understanding of reproductive health.

This excursion exemplified the importance of experiential learning in fostering a deeper understanding of scientific principles. We look forward to future collaborations between other educational institutions. Please contact us on for further information. 

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