Clinical Skills Development Service

Safety Differently – The Movie

CSDS is proud to have had the opportunity to work with Professor Sidney Dekker, an internationally recognised leader in the safety management and human factors arena, and share our experience on how Queensland Health looks at safety differently.

Organisations globally are realising that more compliance, control and bureaucracy no longer delivers safety beyond what they already have. and can actually create harm and less humane workplaces.  This documentary showcases how organisations have implemented Safety Differently with a red thread of the underlying science running through it.

Queensland Health’s Clinical Skills Development Service were identified by Prof Dekker, alongside major corporations Origin and Woolworths, as nationally recognised leaders in delivery of service excellence in their respective fields, and invited to participate in a documentary highlighting organisations who are actively seeking new ways to challenge and improve the culture of safety in their workplaces.

Professor Dekker has won worldwide acclaim for his ground breaking work in human factors and safety. He conceived the idea of ‘safety differently’ after consulting with organisations who were frustrated by the lack of improvement in safety and efficiency in their workplaces, despite the introduction of extra compliance measures, processes, rules and checklists.

CSDS were invited to share insight and learnings with Prof Dekker from working with frontline staff to review the current approach to safety management in hospitals, and develop a new approach to challenge the culture of how safety incidents and accidents are viewed within complex healthcare environments.

The documentary features interviews and footage of how CSDS is working with hospitals to use innovative technology to understand how work in a clinical environment is actually performed. By identifying the problems in a bottom up, proactive approach, CSDS is facilitating the development and implementation of practical solutions to drive continuous improvement and enable staff to manage their risks collaboratively within their team environment.

Safety Differently – The Movie, was directed and presented by Prof Dekker in in collaboration with Brisbane-based RideFree Media and is now available to watch online.