Clinical Skills Development Service

We’ve launched MEP!

We are excited to introduce Maternity Education Program (MEP), our latest initiative here at CSDS. MEP is a new approach in the design and delivery of training and education for multidisciplinary clinical teams working in all models of maternity care across the state.

MEP is a suite of courses (MEP Foundation, MEP Advanced), tools (resource kits, interactive 3D animation tools), and resources that we’ve developed here at CSDS over the past year.

We created MEP because we believe that instead of a “one size fits all” approach, we can provide clinical educators with different tools and resources so they can tailor training and education based on the needs and requirements, the environment, and the capacity of the learners.

MEP will not replace any existing maternity training programs but rather fill in the training gaps and provide opportunities for staff to work individually or collaboratively through a tailored training pathway.

We developed MEP in collaboration with stakeholders across the state including the rural and remote health workforce. Our work has been informed and guided by the Queensland Health Maternity Services Framework, statewide, national, and professional organisation guidelines to ensure we only provide training and education that is holistic, sustainable, contemporaneous and timely.

At CSDS, our commitment has always been to lifelong learning and a transition of evidence to practice because we truly believe that a capable and engaged health workforce is critical to improving patient safety outcomes.

Sue Hampton, Midwifery Educator