Clinical Skills Development Service

Exploring Human-Centred Design

At CSDS, we’re dedicated to the principle of lifelong learning. Recently, our team had the privilege of attending the Introduction to Human-Centred Design (HCD) workshop facilitated by Dylan Clark from the Queensland Government Customer and Digital Group. The workshop is a hands-on experience aimed at introducing beginners to the fundamental concepts, methodologies, and tools of HCD.

Various teams within CSDS attended the workshop, representing areas such as innovation, administration, simulation, online learning, digital and design, fit testing, senior leadership, and research. It was an enriching experience that provided valuable insights into how we can better serve our clients through a human-centric approach.

This workshop was an excellent opportunity to bring team members from across the service together to think differently about how we approach problem-solving and design, where the user is at the heart of the solution. I hope the team feel inspired to foster a mindset of empathy, creativity, collaboration and continuous improvement.

Beth Wray, Nurse Educator – Innovation

The workshop provided an insightful overview of HCD with a focus on its application in government settings. Participants delved into the core principles of HCD, examining real-world examples that highlighted its role in enhancing customer experiences. Through hands-on activities, participants learned techniques on how to understand users and conduct various user research methods. Emphasising a human-centric mindset, the workshop encouraged creative problem-solving through collaboration and iterative thinking.

The Introduction to Human-Centred Design Workshop is a free, in-person, one day workshop for Queensland Government employees, delivered by Queensland Government Customer and Digital Group. For further information, please contact

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