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COVID-19 response

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Last updated: 14 December, 2021

Mandatory vaccination requirement for all visitors

From 17 December 2021, all non-Queensland Health visitors attending the Clinical Skills Development Service (CSDS) will be requested to provide evidence of their vaccination status.

Below are different forms of evidence that you can provide.

  • COVID-19 digital certificate (available online via Check In Qld app or your Medicare account in MyGov).
  • COVID-19 vaccination appointment card (provided at vaccination locations when you received your first dose). This evidence can be a scanned version or a photograph and must show both the front and back of the appointment card.
  • Immunisation history statement from the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR). You can reach them via 1800 653 809.
  • Immunisation history statement from your regular healthcare provider or your MyGov account.

CSDS will not copy or store any vaccination evidence. However, CSDS staff will request to see one of the above forms of evidence before entering the facility.

Queensland Health staff – please show your official staff identification badge.

CSDS is committed to the delivery of a safe environment

Please do not attend our facility if you are unwell or have symptoms of respiratory infection (fever, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath).

We use the Check In Qld app to help keep your visit COVID safe.

Delivery of safe clinical education and training

We have made changes to the way we deliver education to prioritise your safety, these changes include:

  • Frequent cleaning/sanitising of all equipment and surfaces during training.
  • Ensuring frequent hand washing with soap and water (or hand sanitiser if available). At a minimum, before entering the class and before returning from breaks.
  • Reduced participant numbers on courses and social distancing measures adhered to, where possible. Please note if attending a simulation based event there may be short periods of time participating in close proximity training.

We adhere to the directions issued from the Chief Health Officer, Queensland and the Health Incident Controller, Metro North; and move between risk escalation levels in accordance with the PPE escalation matrix within the Pandemic Response Guideline: Personal protective equipment in Healthcare delivery.

Questions or concerns?

If you have any concerns or queries attending our facility please contact us.

Stay safe and take care.