Haemodynamic transient responder pelvic trauma

Immersive scenario

Training resource kit


45-60 minutes.

Group size

4-6 participants (or team composition applicable to local area).

Target audience

Emergency medical and nursing clinicians.


This resource kit provides healthcare workers with the knowledge and skills to manage a patient with an open book pelvic injury who is a transient responder following a traumatic incident.

Learning objectives

  • Perform a focussed clinical examination to assess a patient with a major pelvic injury.
  • Identify types of pelvic injury that are associated with vascular injury and bleeding.
  • Perform bedside interventions to aid haemorrhage management.
  • Demonstrate early targeted management to definitive care.


Facilitator resource kit - PDF

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Participant resource kit - PDF

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Last updated

5 October 2021