About QTE

Queensland Trauma Education (QTE) engages with Queensland Health trauma specialists and clinical networks to create and provide structured, relevant, and best practice care education to clinicians who care for the injured.

Traumatic events are a common cause for hospital presentations in Australia with 12,000 deaths per year attributable to injuries sustained as a result. Patients requiring hospital care often present after a fall (40%) or transport related trauma (13%). Where the trauma occurs significantly affects the chance of morbidity and mortality, with those in rural and remote areas having the highest rates of negative outcomes (Australian Institute of Health and Welfare 2019).

Recognising the growing demand on hospital and health services and the increased complexity of the care required across a large geographical area, we're committed to providing training resource kits that are adaptable to:

  • your learning needs and improvement goals
  • the discipline and environment in which you work
  • training schedules and budgets.