Clinical Skills Development Service

Maternity Education Program

In collaboration with stakeholders across Queensland, we developed a new approach to maternity care training that is holistic, sustainable, accessible, and timely.

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Using an approach of staged learning and case-based education, MEP will guide practitioners from novice to advanced. This will be accomplished by providing them with the opportunity to learn in a progressive and supported environment.

Recognising and Responding to Clinical Deterioration

This course will provide knowledge and skills in recognising and responding to clinical deterioration in the maternity setting.

Clinical Skills Stations

This course will improve the knowledge and confidence in using specific clinical techniques/manoeuvres in a supported learning environment.

Consultation and referral

This course incorporates how and when to consult and to refer. It will provide the knowledge and skills in recognising when the need to refer women on or when to seek consultation.

Human Factors in Patient Safety

This course will develop an understanding of the effects that human factors have on patient safety and how it impacts on clinical practice.

Guidelines in Practice

This course will provide and develop an understanding of updated clinical guidelines in maternity care and how to apply them in practice.

Scenario-based Maternity Team Training

This course will cover a variety of maternity emergencies and how to work within a team to manage the situation and how team dynamics affect outcomes.

Complex Clinical Situations

This course will provide knowledge and skills in recognising and responding to complex maternity situations.

How does MEP work?

Attend a course at CSDS

Each course will focus on a case-based approach from actual cases. There may be some pre-reading prior to the course and your facilitators will advise what is required.

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Customise your team's training

You can organise your workplace to attend a course at CSDS or we can come to your workplace and deliver a course on your behalf. We can help you build a tailored training program to meet the needs and clinical requirements of your team.

Pocket Centre Network

If you're a part of our Pocket Centre Network, contact us so we can arrange to deliver MEP at your location and provide your facilitators with training to deliver MEP. The training will be customised based on your workplace environment and its specific training needs.

Ongoing consultations

To ensure we only provide the most current content available, we have ongoing consultations with professional bodies across Queensland.

Our mission for MEP

To provide clinicians in the maternity setting the opportunity to enhance and improve their knowledge and skills. We have a commitment to lifelong learning and a transition of evidence to practice. We want to ensure Queensland is a safe place for pregnant and birthing women by providing capable and professional clinicians competent in delivering high quality maternity care.