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    Newborn Bloodspot Screening (NBS) Course

    Providing an overview of the heel prick test collection process in Queensland.

  • MEPcast

    Listen to MEPcast- where we discuss how we can enhance and improve the delivery of maternity care education in Queensland.

  • Foundation Course

    Register for a simulation workshop designed for medical and midwifery staff who are either new/junior or may have limited birthing experience.

  • Advanced Course

    Register for a simulation workshop designed for senior medical/midwifery staff.

  • Resource Kits

    Download resource training kits for facilitators and participants of an in-situ training.

  • 3D Resources

    View interactive 3D models that can be used to improve the learning experience.

  • Queensland Clinical Guidelines

    Read the Queensland Clinical Guidelines on maternity care.

  • National guidelines

    Read clinical resources and guides, case definition, and checklists.

  • Videos

    View educational videos on maternity care education topics.

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    Browse other resources for all healthcare workers providing maternity services.